yoda cakes star wars

A Number of Things to Know about Making Yoda Cakes

If cakes with a character theme are what you want to make, yoda cakes are probably cakes you might need to make. If you have a wish to make such cakes, you might need to know about a number of things related to making such cakes. The following things are some things about making cakes with a Yoda theme for you to get knowledge on. Stuffs Related to Making Yoda Cakes to […]

lightning mcqueen cake ideas

Things about Making Lightning Mcqueen Cakes to Know

There are things for you to know about making lightning mcqueen cakes if making such cakes is what you consider. The things, of course, are including varied things. In other words, there are varied things for you to get knowledge on if you are someone who has a wish to make lightning McQueen themed cakes to serve to those you care about. What to Know about Making Lightning Mcqueen Cakes If lightning McQueen themed […]

pokemon birthday cakes ideas

Pokemon Cakes and Stuffs to Know When Wanting to Make Such Cakes

If the idea of making pokemon cakes is something that interests you, there are stuffs for you to know and of course, the stuffs have something to do with making such cakes. The stuffs are including things that you might need to get information on if you have a wish to make pokemon themed cakes. Here are some of those stuffs for you to get knowledge on. Stuffs Related to Making Pokemon Cakes to Know About […]

jungle cakes for baby shower

Jungle Cakes

Jungle cakes are inspired by real jungle where wild animals are residing and also wild plants and trees grow as the habitat of those animals. There are many elements you can find in the actual jungle. There are wild animals, wild plants and trees and also source of water like river, lake, or waterfall. Jungle Cakes Decoration To make the jungle theme alive on the cake, you need to combine those important […]

graduation gown cake

Graduation Cakes

Graduation cakes are usually given to our friends and family to celebrate their unforgettable moment of graduation. Although it is not mandatory, it will make the moment more special. For the cake tutorial itself, you can make it according to your usual cake recipe. The only main difference is the the decoration at the top surface of the cake. You can either bake it in rectangular form or round form according to […]

birthday cake ideas for 30th birthday

30th Birthday Cake Ideas

30th birthday cake ideas are rarely made because nowadays adults do not celebrate their birthday with birthday cakes anymore but rather with family dinner and travelling. However, it is necessary if you want to prepare a special and back to the basic birthday party for your beloved ones. Birthday is a special occasion that only happens once a year, thus making the celebration itself memorable. Some 30th Birthday Cake Ideas  If you want to […]